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Who Has a Trained

    K9 Home Protector?

  1. Safety-conscience families

  2. Large estate owners

  3. Executives

  4. Celebrities

  5. World-class athletes

  6. Politicians

Maintain a Secure Perimeter With A Trained K9 Home Protector

A trained Gold Coast K9 Home Protector is the first line in defending your family and property from external threats. The K9 will alert you and your family when someone is outside of your home or property. All of our trained K9 Home Protector Malinois and German Shepherds are imported and come from the finest european bloodlines and selected based on their balanced temperament and pronounced courage.

Our 30-day testing and evaluation process determines if the K9 Home Protector is accepting of children, adults, small house dogs and if the dog demonstrates pronounced courage.

K9 Home Protector Training Includes

  1. Bark on command

  2. Search property

  3. Search home or business to locate someone hiding behind a closed door

  4. On and off lead obedience

  5. Obstacles

  6. Call-off

  7. Come from vehicle when called

  8. Elimination on command

Available Options*

  1. Explosive detection

  2. Narcotic detection

Gold Coast K9 delivers trained K9 Home Protectors worldwide. Some of our past clients include Grammy and Oscar award winners, Champion athletes, Fortune 500 executives and some of the busiest police departments in the country.

A Word from the President of Gold Coast K9

Based on my twenty five years of training Police K9 and working dogs there is no stronger presence than a trained K9 Home Protector as a physical deterrent. Below is a good example of what suspects tell Police K9 handlers during interviews regarding the K9 and their mind set when confronted by the presence of a trained K9. The names have been changed....

“Once at the Police Department I interviewed Smith regarding the K-9 announcement. Smith told me he heard the announcement. When I asked him why he came out of the room he stated, ‘I heard the dog barking, and I didn’t want to get bit.’

I asked Smith if he heard me make a announcement outside the garage he was hiding in. He stated yes and that he could hear the dog barking. I asked what made him come out he stated, ‘because of the dog and I had no where else to go.’

I gave P.S. Dog the command to bark (which he did). At that time suspect Smith yelled from the room, ‘I am  coming, don’t send the dog...don’t send the dog!’ Smith exited the room with his hands up, and was taken into custody by officers.

Smith immediately replied by saying, ‘O.K. I’m coming out, don’t send the dog!’ Smith then entered the hallway with his hands up. I ordered him to get on the floor into a prone position. Smith complied with my order, and a few seconds later other officers arrived and he was taken into custody without further incident.

I asked him why he had decided to come out of the closet. He said, ‘I knew that I would get bit, and I didn't want to get bit,’ I asked Smith if he had heard the K9 announcements, and he said, ‘Yeah I knew that you guys had a police dog.”

While the career criminal is planning and preparing for his next victim, has the intended victim planned and prepared for him?

Gold Coast K9 adheres to a strict confidentiality policy. We agree not to give interviews to television, radio, newspaper, or periodical representatives regarding their association with Gold Coast K9 or its clients. We also agree not to give any personal opinions or comments concerning our clients.

* No single K9 can detect both narcotic and explosive odors. Each K9 has a specific specialty in either Narcotics, guns or Explosives but not both.