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Police Service Dogs

Training for Dog and Handler

Since 1990, Gold Coast K9 has set the standard for police service dogs and training. We have placed dogs with some of the busiest agencies in the country. By all accounts theses dogs perform consistently to the highest standard in patrol, detection and critical incidents.

Our police service dog courses focus on practical real-world training and our classes are documented as some of the best in the country. We prepare K9 teams for real world scenarios and strive to maintain a commitment continuous improvement and innovation. Our training courses will prepare your agency’s K9 team with specialized coursework such as K9 Stress Inoculation Prior to Deployments, Reality Based Detection Training and Utilizing The Electronic Dog Collar During Deployments.

Gold Coast K9 offers police service dogs for both patrol and detection. We are not breed specific, rather we select the best available candidate for a specific task. Typically we evaluate and offer Malinois, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Labs, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels. All of our detection dogs are pre-trained at our training facilities to ensure they can perform at a high level in buildings, vehicles, and open areas. Additionally, patrol dogs are thoroughly evaluated for hunting and courage.

Gold Coast K9 hand selects and/or imports most of our dogs from Holland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. We do not sell titled sport dogs for police service work. In general, titled sport dogs can have a direct negative effect in a real world scenario due to their repetitive sport foundation training and associations.

We are located in Ventura, California with average yearly temperatures of 70 degrees. Ventura offers miles of beaches, four golf courses, and three gyms. We offer maintenance training to Southern and Central California. We have two full time training facilities as well as access to other buildings and open areas throughout the region. The classes we offer and description can be found on our K9 classes page.

“Champions are a rare breed. They see beyond the dangers, the risks, the obstacles, and the hardships.”

- Dr. Lester Sumrall